HI! My name is Kidada Malloy and this is my e-portfolio! Here, you will find a compilation of the work that I have completed for the the writing minor introductory gateway course at the University of Michigan. This course has been the first course I have enrolled in at UM where I have the freedom to write whatever I value and the chance to reflect and analyze my writing and even more importantly, who I am as an individual. Each assignment exhibits a different part of my personality and beliefs and showcases what I believe and value. However, each assignment also connects to my family in one way or another, proving to me that my individuality is largely influenced by the foundation my family has given me.


Click on the tabs above to read through the course assignments as a way to learn more about me and the family that lives within me. 



Full Name – Kidada Brittany Malloy
Race – Biracial (half black and half white)
Age -25 years old
Hometown – Los Angeles, CA
Occupation – Undergraduate Student


What I start each morning with – Coffeeeee!
What makes me smile – Flowers
What energizes me – Music (specifically classical)
What I will cross oceans for – A live performance by composer Philip Glass
Favorite food – Thai curry
If you die tonight, how would you spend your last day – Laying on a beach and swimming in the ocean

P.S. *Listen here* for the most beautiful song you will hear today ;-)


I have  accompanied the writing  presented in this e-portfolio with a song link at the beginning  of each tab. The music included is intended to further the messages expressed  through the featured writing under each tab. Listen to the music while you read the material – as I think this will help with understanding the context. Click on the *Listen here* links at the beginning of each page to find the music accompaniment.

Go ahead, and check out the minor in writing blog, to see work that I along with my fellow students have completed this semester. Enjoy!!


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A journey discovering who I am, while strengthening the connection between me and my family.


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